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9-Wins 7-Losses 1-Tie
The season is over. With an outside chance to make it to the playoffs, the Steelers season ended as did the career of Ben Roethlisberger.
After 18 seasons and two Super Bowl victories there will be a new quarterback under center at the start of the 2022 season. Will it be Mason Rudolph, Dwayne Haskins or a veteran temporary fill-in like Jimmy Garopolo?  Or will they opt for a rookie like next door Pitt Panther resident Kenny Pickett-if he is still available in the draft?
One this is for sure. The days of the AFC North being a two-team division between Pittsburgh and Baltimore are over and now it's anybody's ballgame because Cleveland is closing and Cincinnati has risen to the top.
The time has come to respect this team. Steeler fans need to stop calling them the Bungles and that's because they lost to them twice this season. Please take note, with Joe Burrow under center you can't check this game off in the win column anymore. But he's not the only reason they're winning. They have triple J triplets; Jamar Chase, Joe Mixon and Joe Burrow. Plus, they have an improving and underrated defense.
This team is not just going to the Super Bowl, they're going to win it.
Time for the Ravens and Lamar Jackson to really work on the passing game. Rumor has it that Antonio Brown is interested in going to Baltimore and the quarterback's feeling is said to be mutual. We're not sure you add to the offense by adding a subtraction....err distraction.
Odell Beckham Jr. always said it was not him. Apparently he was right because he's going to the Super Bowl and Baker Mayfield is under the microscope. Cleveland is giving him at least one more season to prove he is the yeast that can help them rise. (hee hee! yeast-Baker...get it!)
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Championship Chase returns in thew fall of 2022 on: 
WPGH FOX 53 and WPNT 22 The Point
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