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Getting Even
Two weeks ago things were looking really bleak when the Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers. It was their third straight loss and almost everybody was writing the season off. But, as scheduling would have it, they have back to back home games against AFC and NFC West teams that may be mediocre at best.
Denver proved to be tonic they needed to remind fans and themselves the phrase that Mike Tomlin has continuously spouted every time his team gets behind the eight ball early in the season; "The  NFL season is a marathon and not a sprint." Beating the Broncos left them 2-3 and with Seattle coming to town without Russell Wilson (fracture finger), it's a good bet that they will go into their bye week all even with ten games to go.
The bad news is that Juju Smith-Shuster is out for the season with a shoulder injury and an already shaky Ben Roethlisberger is now without his main target. Don't be surprised that in the not too distant future we are seeing the changing of the guard at that position and a new Steeler combination featuring ex-Oklahoma State  teammates Mason Rudolph and James Washington.
If not for the racist, homophobic and misogynistic emails of now ex-Raiders Coach Jon Gruden, all the football talk Tuesday would have been on Baltimore's Lamar Jackson. And not for his feet. Jackson passed for 442 yards and four touchdowns in a comeback win over Indianapolis. Lamar brought the Ravens back from a 19 point deficit to beat the Colts in overtime 31-25.
Watch out for Ravens Tight End Mark Andrews. He is one of the best tight ends you may never have heard of.
Lamar Jackson's feet will be at it again this week when they play host to the L A Chargers.
These cool cats should be 4-1, but their kicker prevented them from upsetting Green Bay and they are tied with Cleveland in the AFC North at 3-2. Sunday's game at improving Detroit is a put up or shut-up game for the Bengals. Win easily and the feeling here is that they will have turned the corner. Although, it can be argued that they already have and will be more than spoilers in the division race.
This may be redundant, but Joe Burrough is the real deal and is the heir apparent to replace Ben as King QB of the North for years to come.
This team can score, but the defense needs to be put in a brown bag because it's periodically putrid. How can they have JaDaveon Clowney and Myles Garrett and not put more pressure on second year quarterback Justin Herbert when the LA Chargers outscored them 47-42. At 3-2, they're  consistently inconsistent and the roller-coaster will continue Sunday when they upset the league's lone undefeated team; Arizona.
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