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8-Wins 7-Losses 1-Tie
Is Ben Roethlisberger a cat? Seems like it. He breathed new life into a Steelers offense late in the regular season finale against Baltimore with an assortment of clutch passes to put them in position to extend their season. After slogging through the rain for four plus quarters and tied at 13 with minutes to go on the clock, he led them to the game winning field. Chris Boswell sent the the Ravens into the offseason with their sixth consecutive loss and sent  the Steelers into a a very strange abyss. They ended up rooting for the Las Vegas Raiders and Las Vegas Chargers not to end their game in a tie. This, after they learned Jacksonville did them a solid by beating Indianapolis. If the Colts had won, the Steelers win over the Ravens would have been a moot point. Instead, it kept the Steelers playoff hopes alive. And the deal was sealed when the Raiders outlasted the Chargers in overtime.
Now it's on to Kansas City where just two weeks ago, the Chiefs blew out the Steelers 36-10. Steeler nation is hoping things can be different this time around and a recent college football game added to their ray of hope. In the National Championship Game, Georgia beat Alabama after losing to them in December in the SEC Championship Game. But, their defense is not going to all of a sudden become "Junkyard Dawgs" and the offense will not hold Patrick Mahomes every-time he gets his team in the red zone.
By late Sunday the season will be over. The only way it won't be is if Benjamin Todd Rothlisberger Sr. has a 10th football life when all other football cats get nine.
It's hard to believe that at one point this season, the  Ravens were 8-3. They have nosedived and with six straight losses they finish at 8-and-9. Poor coaching led to a poor record.  
Case in point: Leading 10-6 and driving towards another score, the Ravens found themselves inside the Steeler 20 when the third quarter ended. The drive was being led by the churning legs of Ravens runningback LaTavius Murray. He was just tearing through the Steelers defense. That's until the start of the 4th quarter, when on the first play Ravens QB Tyler Huntley threw to the end zone and had his pass picked off. It changed momentum and propelled the Stealers 16-13 overtime win.
Kings of the North! Cincinnati is going to the playoffs for the first time in seven years! Bring on The Raiders!!!
Baker Mayfield now says he was bad (most of the season) because of his injured shoulder and recently had surgery. The team's front office indicates he will play out his option year and be back with the team next season. This will give us at least one more year of Baker Home Depot commercials. (sarcastic) yea!
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